With the bad press and constant highlighted warnings, “Smokers Are Liable To Die Young ” on every cigarette pack, it’s hard to ignore and enjoy a good time of cool warmth from smoking. The introduction of vaping as a meaningful alternative has held different opinions. Some see it as no different from smoking a cigarette stick while others claim there is a huge difference with vaping being safer and healthier. Research and studies to define the grey areas and provide a clear distinction are virtually not available. So. do you give up your smoking habit or your newfound obsession to get a vape just because of this uncertainty? Of course not. Instead, the following describes the benefits of vaping found after searching through journals, reference material, and trusted resources. These six benefits of vaping includes: 

Nicotine Level Control

Nicotine is the essential component of cigarettes and tobacco products that makes smoking relaxing and enjoyable. Usually, more expensive brands of cigarette-producing companies have more milligrams of nicotine contained within their products. Having zero control over the amount of nicotine that is inhaled into the body and absorbed into the brain, increases the chances of addiction. With the actions of this dopamine mimicking substance in the body causing so much pleasure, it is not quite strange to get addicted to the feeling smoking instills. This is where public health becomes concerned as addiction and reliance on a brain-altering habit can lead to dire consequences. However, vaping is quite different. Vaping utilizes E-juice which has varying degrees of nicotine levels depending on your choice. Some come with higher levels of nicotine and there are even brands that have little to no nicotine contained within. Therefore, it is relatively safer against addiction as you have the power to choose and control just how many chemicals you are inhaling into your body. If your goal is to get rid of a smoking habit then vaping would most likely be the best choice to make. 

No Foul Smoking Odor

No one enjoys the foul odor that comes from cigarettes, cigars, and tobacco products. It usually paints the picture of unprofessionalism and dirtiness in school and the corporate environment. The tobacco smell lingers for a long time in the home, in your car. and even on your clothes. Trying to apply an air freshener and use washing fragrance to get rid of that smell every time is quite bothersome and very strenuous. Vaping reduces this smell and doesn’t leave the after-pungent tobacco odor. The vapor created as a result of vaping is generally mild and short-lived. Tobacco flavored vapes do not leave the lingering smell of burnt tobacco. With vaping, you enjoy the habit of smoking without dealing with the dire consequences and lingering foul aroma. 

Vapour Output Control

Getting to smoke and choking on your first puff is the most annoying feeling ever. There is no control over how cigarette burns. hence no control over how much vapor you are inhaling at a go. Vape pens are designed to have different sizes of pods. The smaller devices have low vapor volume and you get to control the amount of vapor you are inhaling. If you want to be a cloud chaser, get a device with a higher vapor volume. The choice is inherently yours to make. There are very sophisticated vape pens that also allow adjusting the airflow and coil. Depending on how much vapor you can take in, you get to choose your vape pen accordingly. Beginner smokers will find this very reliable and most people who can’t take the first drag without choking, now have the convenience of choosing how much vapor goes into their lungs. 

Fun and Diverse Flavours

E-juice is the fuel of vape pens and comes in a variety of flavors. If your preference is chocolate, then get a chocolate-flavored e-juice that hits the right notes and gets you tasting like your favorite chocolate candy. This choice of flavor is widely found in most shops and stores and is greatly convenient. With different flavors of e-juice. one gets the satisfaction that can be paralleled to smoking shisha at their convenience without the high price. It is also possible to customize your flavor of e-juice to fit into what you like to taste. This is great for people with certain allergies. It is not just one stop with vaping, but a high flavor profile and maximum satisfaction. 



Smoking might not seem to be an expensive habit with cheap cigarettes. But the higher the quality and value of the cigarette stick, the more expensive it gets. Cigarette packs paid for on a weekly basis are the least cost-effective way to manage a smoking habit. This is not the same with vape pens. There are vape pens available at different price points depending on one’s budget. If you have less money, then a cheap and efficient vape pen will usually suffice. E-juices also last a long time without having to replace or replenish daily. Smoking doesn’t need to take half of your paycheck or destroy the environment. Depending on what you want and the budget you have, vaping is a more cost-effective way to enjoy smoking. 

Higher Safety

There are several reasons why vaping is more safe than smoking. Firstly, because there is hardly any combustion, vaping doesn’t lead to the inhalation of highly dangerous smoke. In more definite scientific terms. vaping doesn’t produce tar and carbon monoxide known to cause harm with regular cigarettes. Also, because there is control over the nicotine level, it is easier to manage addictions with a vape pen. The foul odor eliminated by vaping keeps the environment friendly and conducive for non-smokers. 


In a nutshell, vaping creates a safer and better environment to properly enjoy smoking and the flavors of tobacco products without long-term effects. Keep the light burning with a comfortable vape pen that is cost-effective, easily concealable, and fun to use. Protect your lungs while having fun with vape pens. We hope you found this article helpful. If you had any questions, concerns, or comments about this article, want to tell us what you liked, or how we could improve the article send us a message @vapecove. Visit us for more blogs and for all your vaping needs check out Vape Cove.