With the bad press and constant highlighted warnings, “Smokers Are Liable To Die Young ” on every cigarette pack, it’s hard to ignore and enjoy a good time of cool warmth from smoking. The introduction of vaping as a meaningful alternative has held different opinions. Some see it as no different from smoking a cigarette stick while others claim there is a huge difference with vaping being safer and healthier. Research and studies to define the grey areas and provide a clear distinction are virtually not available. So. do you give up your smoking habit or your newfound obsession to get a vape just because of this uncertainty? Of course not. Instead, the following describes the benefits of vaping found after searching through journals, reference material, and trusted resources. These six benefits of vaping includes: 

Nicotine Level Control

Nicotine is the essential component of cigarettes and tobacco products that makes smoking relaxing and enjoyable. Usually, more expensive brands of cigarette-producing companies have more milligrams of nicotine contained within their products. Having zero control over the amount of nicotine that is inhaled into the body and absorbed into the brain, increases the chances of addiction. With the actions of this dopamine mimicking substance in the body causing so much pleasure, it is not quite strange to get addicted to the feeling smoking instills. This is where public health becomes concerned as addiction and reliance on a brain-altering habit can lead to dire consequences. However, vaping is quite different. Vaping utilizes E-juice which has varying degrees of nicotine levels depending on your choice. Some come with higher levels of nicotine and there are even brands that have little to no nicotine contained within. Therefore, it is relatively safer against addiction as you have the power to choose and control just how many chemicals you are inhaling into your body. If your goal is to get rid of a smoking habit then vaping would most likely be the best choice to make.